Best Games of Tom Brady’s Career

Tom Brady has mastered the craft of playing quarterback. Professional football is one of the most revered occupations in the world. The quarterback position carries mystique and respect. There have been many greats to occupy the position. Tom Brady has solidified himself among the best to ever play the game. The records and championships speak for themselves. Tom Brady has made nearly every significant accomplishment that a player can make. He is a no-doubt Hall of Fame talent. In building this great legacy, Brady has created many amazing moments along the way. Epic games in the regular season and playoffs exist in the memories of his teammates, fans and competitors. There is no denying his place in National Football League history. However, Tom Brady’s greatest games are what will live in the hearts and minds of everyone who had the privilege of watching him play.

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots had many great games in the 2007 season.On,December 9th  The Pittsburgh Steelers came in with a formidable lineup. Many experts believed that this would be the challenge of the season for the Patriots. The Steelers were confident, and had experience in this situation. Their players and coaches knew how to be successful against Tom Brady and his style of play. However, New England would not be denied. Brady went on to lead his team to a 34 to 13 victory. It was not the fact that they won, but how they won that made the impression. Brady and his Patriots dominated the Steelers in the second half. Tom Brady finished the contest with 399 yards passing and four touchdowns.

Week 5 of the 2007 season was yet another showcase for Brady and his Patriots. They were going up against an undefeated Cowboys team. Both squads posted a record of 5-0. The Dallas Cowboys came in to show that their undefeated record was no fluke. However, Tom Brady’s five touchdowns would prove to be too much for America’s Team. Brady finished with 388 yards passing. The final score of 48-27 illustrated the beat down that took place in Dallas. It was evident that the Cowboys were no match for the Patriots on this day.

Great players are normally at their best when it counts the most. Tom Brady has proven himself in this situation time and time again. The playoffs are a culmination of an entire season’s work. One mistake can cost you a game. A game lost in the playoffs means the end of the season. Tom Brady and his Patriots entered the 2005 playoffs as underdogs against the Pittsburgh Steelers. They were a lower seed with betting odds against them. However, the Patriots would be undaunted. Brady’s two touchdowns and 207 yard passing performance inspired the hungry Patriots. They would go on to take down the Steelers by a score of 41 to 27.

Monday Night Football is the National Football League’s biggest regular-season showcase. Tom Brady is no stranger to this particular spot light. The game would evolve into an offensive shootout between Brady, and Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne. Henne gave a good account of himself, passing for over 400 yards. However, Tom Brady’s performance was on another level on this day. He threw for 517 yards. This made Brady one of only 11 players to ever throw for more than 500 yards in a game. The Patriots went on to close out the Dolphins by a score of 38-24 in a season-opening thriller.

Tom Brady’s achievements on the field continue to amaze. His ability to rise to any occasion has been unmatched in his era. There is no doubt that these great games will solidify his place as one of the best to ever play football.