Worst Games of Tom Brady’s Career

Tom Brady is one of the greatest field-generals of all time, however he has struggled some days during his career as a New England Patriots star. Despite the failures, he will always remain one of the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks of all time. Tom Brady has been the pillar of New England Patriots football dominance.

5. Patriots at Denver – 2001
This was Tom Brady’s 5th NFL start but turned into one of his nightmares. Tom Brady threw four interceptions. Broncos defense picked off Brady late in the 4th quarter and returned it for a game winning score. Brady threw for 203 yards and two touchdowns. He ended up losing the game 31-20.

4. Patriots at Miami – 2006
This is one of the worst games of Tom Brady’s career. He failed to throw for more than 78 yards and fumbled twice. Brady was sacked by the Dolphins four times. Patriots attempted to score but the score was called back because of a forward pass by Faulk. Patriots ended up losing 21-0.

3. Patriots vs. Colts – 2006
This was a showdown of the ages as the 7-0 Colts came to Gillette Stadium to take on the 6-1 Patriots. The showdown featured the NFL’s two greatest quarterbacks of the season. However Peyton Manning took control of the game and ran all over Brady’s Patriots. Brady failed to throw a single touchdown pass but threw for 201 yards. The Colts defense managed to pick him off four times. Patriots end up losing 27-20.

2. Patriots at Bills – 2003
Patriots and Bills faced each other for a game, that both teams will never forget. It was the opening week of the NFL, giving fans what they thought would be a taste of what is to come throughout the season. Dolphins scored off a pick-6 by defensive tackle Sam Adams. Brady ended up throwing four interceptions and got sacked once. He managed to throw for 123 yards and complete 14 of 28 passes. Brady and his Patriots lost 31-0.

1. Patriots at Dolphins – 2004
This is Tom Brady’s worst performance ever against the Dolphins. This was a Monday Night game, meaning the entire country was watching. Patriots were 12-1 facing an awful 6-7¬†Dolphins. The Patriots controlled the game 28-17 until late in the 4th quarter. Brady was expected to play conservatively and managing the clock but instead he forced throws and turned the ball over multiple times. As Brady was being sacked, he threw the ball right into the hands of Dolphins’ star Brendon Ayanbadejo leading to a game winning sore from Derrius Thompson. Tom Brady lost 29-28 but threw for 171 yards, threw three touchdown passes but managed to be picked off four times. This game feature several Dolphin stars who would later become New England Patriots stars including Wes Welker, Sammy Morris and Kevin Carter. Tom Brady ended up losing 29-28. This is probably one of Brady’s worst upset losses.